the scarfMASK & the faceMASK

Donna has taken this on as a personal project to ensure herself, her employees and her customers to take the greatest self care during such a time of uncertainty.
Since we don’t know everything about the spread of the virus, we are certain that protective face coverings will limit the fear and spread; that is something we can be certain about and must take all necessary precautions.

Because Donna is committed to creating clothing and accessories for her collection of 30 + years, this is another creative challenge in her designing FUNKtional & fashionable items from hairware, scarves, sarongs, yogawear, multiFUNKtional  lifestyle clothing, and now, face coverings. Designing and creating unique artisan items that can be worn ANYwear with multiFUNKtional versatility and endless possibilities has been her gift and specialty.
Our exclusively knitted Organic Cotton/Lycra fabric has the stretch, durability & versatility to be worn in many different ways - no matter which way you wear the multiFUNKtional scarfMASK, it’s a creative expression! 
We have engineered the design of both our face coverings to work as a face mask with contoured eye & nose sculpted areas that mold to your face the more you wear it. The built-in ear straps are a silky soft addition to hold the masks up on your face when wearing your hair up or down, without putting pressure, as with thin elastic cords and bands.
Our unique designs with ‘one of a kind’ hand-dyed treatments and colors bring out your personal attributes and are as intrinsic in its design and FUNKtionality as you are!