Our Colorists

Meet Jennifer Butler

Hi I’m Jennifer Butler…For 35 years I’ve worked with leading celebrities, entrepreneurs, public figures, authors, artists and Fortune 500 executives to teach them visual communication through wearing their season’s colors. Most people don’t know that they carry the energy of a season in their unique coloring and personality. 90 % of communication is nonverbal so when you find your colors and learn how to dress with intention you can create a life you love in business, communication, relationships, family, friends and more. When my clients find their season and dress in their power colors they share incredible stories of transformation. I invite you to join the True Beauty Movement where we shift from the old paradigm of trying to look like someone else to expressing your unique authentic beauty by being you.
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Meet Anne Sagendorph

I fell in love with creativity, color, beauty (and clothes) when my aunt took me shopping before I started first grade. I remember how powerful and excited I felt because I got to choose. From that moment on I loved clothes, color and design.  In 1978, I had my colors done. I realized then that this was not just about the superficiality of color, clothes and trends but an inner energy of who you are as well.  I realized the power of color and the unique core expression that lives inside each one of us. I began helping entrepreneurs market themselves and their business.  Later I was trained in the lineage of the Suzanne Caygill color method. It was a dream come true for me. Unraveling the mystery of harmony for each person’s Sacred Triangle: their skin, hair and eyes is a profound honor and joy.  To watch clients see themselves with a new appreciation and love; to give them the tools of style so they can shop and dress with deep confidence; to have the world realize that Color is simply, and most powerfully, your essence reflected to the world. That is why I do this work. www.annesagendorphmoon.com

Meet Anahita Joon

I know you refuse to continue ‘playing life’ by somebody else’s rules. I know the pressure to ‘fit in’ confines us to our minds. I know you desire the freedom to connect to that deep mystical feminine part of yourself that is connected to it all. I know you want to ‘break free’.  Nobody understands this desire more than I do. I understand the pain of oppression and repression.  This is why I stand for you…I am wild about creating beauty from the union of opposites. The place where spirituality and sexuality meet, where light and dark dance, where soft and hard meet.  This is what we are all made of and to me, it is where the juice of life is the sweetest. This is where ‘The Beautiful Self’ lives.  None of us are ONE thing. I am not interested in titles, I am interested in Love, Service, Beauty, Aliveness, and Truth.  I believe in the beauty of YOUR feminine essence and its integral role in our collective evolution.  When you access your unique ‘aliveness’ (essence) that lives inside of you and unleash its power, you have the freedom to create the life you really want to live and from this creative expression you change the world.  Your Creative Power is what changes the world because it is born out from the divine aliveness within you! www.anahitajoon.com

Meet Martha Langer
For two decades, Martha has been passionately guiding students toward health and vitality through yoga, meditation, healing, counseling, color vibration and feminine embodiment.  She formed a body of work called Vibrancy Activation, the experience of complete body aliveness which is accessed through 26 practices.   Currently, she is most enthusiastic about using color vibration as a tool for the unification of one’s physicality and spirit as well as offering sexual healing coaching for women who are ready.  After practicing health care law in the 90’s, yoga practice became her doorway into this new paradigm of vitality. In Uptown Manhattan she is well known as a charismatic, compassionate and authentic teacher.  Martha's Yoga DVD and download, "TRANSCEND WITH LISA LANGER” is used by hundreds of students worldwide and her book “Embrace Your Vibrance: Practices for Vibrancy Activation” is due to be published in May 2020. www.embraceyourvibrance.com


Meet Ilene Yarmark Kulk

I graduated from FIDM with a degree in Fashion Design and worked in the garment industry from 1979-1999, 10 years with my own clothing line, Max & Mabel.  From 2000-2019, I photographed other manufacturers’ lines (clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, accessories), preparing their web photos, look books, and catalogs.  In 2013, an amazing thing happened. One of my clients, DonnaM, called and said she wasn’t bringing professional models to her next photo shoot. She'd started working with a personal color consultant, Jennifer Butler, and planned to bring regular women whose inherent hair, skin, and eye colors were appropriate to what she was producing that season.  I didn’t know what to expect. But, the shoot was amazing and the women looked incredible in the clothes.  After shooting a couple more seasons using regular women in their correct colors, it finally dawned on me that, after wearing all black for probably 25 or more years, I actually did NOT look good in black.  I decided to have my colors done by Jennifer Butler, after which a light bulb went off in my head. OMG, this makes so much sense!
In 2017, I trained to become a Professional Personal Color Consultant with Olga Kamova at the Image and Color Institute International in Cupertino, California. This is now my third career and the one about which I am definitely the most passionate!