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Why Work With A Colorist?

No, Everyone Does NOT Look Good in Black . . . 

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Donna•M line since 2006. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the beautiful styles and colors Donna comes up with each season. 
In 2013, an amazing thing happened. Donna called and said she wasn’t bringing professional models to her next photo shoot. She had started working with a personal color consultant – Jennifer Butler - and planned to bring regular women whose inherent hair, skin, and eye colors were appropriate to what she was producing that season. I didn’t know what to expect. But, the shoot was amazing and the women looked incredible in the clothes. One of the gals brought her husband along to the shoot. In between shots I asked him – so . . . did you have your colors done? To which he responded, “Oh yes, ever since I had my colors done, I’m like the go-to guy in business meetings!” Hmmm . . . I thought, interesting.  After shooting a couple more seasons using regular women in their correct colors, it finally dawned on me that, after wearing all black for probably 25 or more years, I actually did NOT look good in black. I decided to have my colors done by Jennifer Butler, after which a light bulb went off in my head. OMG – this makes so much sense! Physiologically your DNA determines which hair, skin, and eye colors you have. Why wouldn’t it make sense to harmonize what you wear with your inherent coloring? When you decorate your house, you harmonize the upholstery the rugs, pillows, walls, etc.  One of the main effects of choosing clothing colors harmonious with your inherent coloring is to cause people to look at your face and into your eyes (as opposed to just looking at your clothing). Wearing harmonious colors is more flattering, makes you look relaxed, and makes you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. There will also be power in your presence, you look more credible, strong, and successful. Conversely, wearing non-harmonious colors is like wearing camouflage – and you tend to feel INVISIBLE!  I’m a Summer! Definitely no black for me. Yet, there I was with a closet full of black clothes. I kept a few black things – to wear working out or around the house. But, after finally understanding what and why certain colors worked for me and others did not, every time I put on those black clothes – even for just around the house, I had to take them off – they did not look good. How did I not know this for 25 years of wearing all black outfits? Crazy.

- Ilene Kulk,