Each garment is dyed individually AFTER it is sewn! This elaborate process is "GARMENT DYING" which breaks down the fibers allowing them to absorb the dye pigment. This permanently sets the garment's color and fit, giving it a luscious hand and drape! 

Each garment that is dyed in this manner has it's own 'individual' look and fit and also has the following characteristics:

  • PRE-SHRUNK: setting its fit & color - keeping its shape & longevity for years!
  • WASH N' WEAR: NO dry cleaning! Practically wrinkle free - just spray down with a water bottle and go!
  • RAW EDGES: garments with raw edges can be cut - they will NOT fray!
  • VARIATION: in color, shading & spotting gives each garment its character & individuality and makes it ONE-OF-A-KIND!
  • SIZING: fit will vary slightly within each size (for example, a small will fit a 2 to 4 size range) 
  • Domestic fabrics are EXCLUSIVELY knitted to our custom specifications in Los Angeles, mills . . . 100% DOMESTIC & homespun!
  • Our NATURAL FIBERS are engineered to breathe and move with you like a second skin
  • FABRIC PIGMENTATION: all fabrics absorb pigment dyes differently (for example, rayon dyes darker than cotton and modal)
RAYON - sustainable wood pulp fibers    
MODAL - highest quality rayon fibers    
TULLE - imported 100% cotton mesh
PIMA/SUPIMA COTTONS - highest quality cotton fibers    
ORGANIC COTTON/LYCRA - organic fiber with 4-way stretch
LINEN - imported French tissue linen    
COTTON SLUB - European imported 100% cotton