"Who would possibly know me better than me....?"

clothing fashion hand-dyed handcrafted handmade la los angeles multiwear natural natural fibers one of a kind pre-shrunk sustainable

That's what I used to think, until I discovered the power and magic of working with a "Colorist", and the seasonal archetypes, designed & created by the greatest Artist of all....Mother Nature.

My line is contemporary in design style, though as a rule, I don't follow style trends, instead using colors and styles that work in harmony with a woman's natural skintone, eye color, haircolor and bodytypes.

My collaboration with master Colorist Jennifer Butler, since 2011, has revolutionized my color stories into the FOUR seasonal Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter palettes from Mother Nature, and style silhouettes that complement the human figure.

Since we all strive to be ‘seen’ as individuals, knowing your best colors and styling is the start of creating one's authentic self. 

It’s not a question of whether it’s ‘in fashion or outta fashion’, but which colors & styles bring out your best individual authentic beauty.

We all get dressed everyday…and, whether you like it or not, you are "what you wear" - it’s the first thing people see. 

Visual communication speaks louder than words, so it's important to make that communication intentional to avoid miscommunication.

Now I create seasonal colors within each collection, offering a color for each season, called "colors FOUR all seasons".

Since choosing what colors to wear, is not a random act, as each color has its own 'vibrational' force and meaning, knowing which colors communicate best for you, with your seasonal archetype and personality traits, is why working with a Colorist guides you to your best self!

Working with a Colorist means....no longer having a closet full of 'nothing to wear', waste money on clothes not meant for you, and all in creating a harmonious relationship between yourself, your clothing, with inner & outer congruency in the world. 

Kind of a sweet package...

Once you have worked with a Colorist, and your seasonal & personal palette has been designated, finding 'your' colors become second nature, and takes the 'stressing outta dressing', saving time and feeling confident that you are showing up in the world authentically and comfortable in your own skin.

I am committed to being a woman’s best mirror when she looks into herself with the power of self-knowledge, using clothing as a personal statement & tool that expresses an intimate part of who she is as an individual for better communication-visually and non-verbally...all while looking & feeling FANTASTIC!

...and I hope that working with either my 'selected' Colorists below, or one of your own, will b part and add to your colorful journey in "knowing thyself" - Socrates